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with breaking news out of japan. good evening, i'm dana king. >> a massive earthquake in japan. magnitude 8.8. those are live pictures of the tsunami that is rolling through cities and neighborhoods right now as it's happening. >> you can see in this water, there are buildings, there are rooftops, boats, vehicles, it's incredibly deep at this point. this quake struck just less than 90 minutes ago off the north eastern coast of japan. >> we've had seismograph, a tsunami watch is in effect. a tsunami watch is not as severe as a tsunami warning. we want to go to robert lyles who is monitoring the coverage. these are amazing pictures half way around the world. we are getting them live. entire cities are being inundated by water. >> you are watching tsunami waves. they swept into the city, where it is already 4:00 in the afternoon. now television cameras were rolling as those waves swept in from what is now an 8.8 magnitude quake. these waves cars, trucks, houses, even buildings. we stay live with these images. let me offer you background information. japan's agency is warning that a tsunami
>>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >>> japan's worst earthquake in recorded history leaves the country crippled. hundreds are dead, but many more are still missing and powerful aftershocks are hampering rescue efforts. >>> the 8.9 quake spawned a two story high tsunami that swept on shore and took out everything in its path. the devastation that left behind for miles inland. >>> 5,000 miles and 11 hours later, the quake power surge slammed santa cruz harbor. the damage left in its wake and why coastal communities are still on edge. >>> and another harbor to the north hit hard. how today's tsunami brought back bitter memories of another deadly disaster. >>> good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. japan's north eastern coast tonight is a swampy waste land of broken houses, overturned cars and sludgy water. a state of emergency declared at another nuclear power plant because of cooling system failure. five reactor units are now in an unprecedented state of emergency. no radiation leaks have been detected. the official casualty toll, 236 dead. 7
from japan ever did come across >>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >>> if radiation from japan ever did blow across the ocean, we'd know about it. a look at the sophisticated detection system in the bay area. >> and a new look at the healing power of music. >> i play the drums for her and she said me name. i said my god, this is amazing. >> what music can do for alzheimer's and stroke patients that pill cannot. >> good everyoning, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. bay area pharmacies are inundated with a request for pill to fight radiation poisoning. we learned that new radiation monitoring may be installed here. we'll have more on that in a moment. >>> we start in japan, the real possibility of a nuclear meltdown. japanese are taking safety into their own hands. they are getting mixed messages from their own government. >> another crisis at the fukushima nuclear plant. a second fire. it lasted only a half hour, but signified japan's unpredictable nuclear troubles. plant workers had to step back after a spike in radiation levels. officials are co
. >>> you're watching cbs5 news in high-definition. >>> it has been exactly one week since japan was hit with a massive quake. how close crews say they are to ending the potential nuclear crisis. >>> a surfing super star killed on the waves. the message his family left for him. >>> sent to work nearly seven years ago the first of its kind spacecraft orbiting mercury and what we could learn from the first spacecraft to ever orbit mercury. >> good evening i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. smoke is being seen tonight rising from a building housing a damaged nuclear reactor in japan. and it begs the question is anything working to cool it down and prevent a disaster? >> now, that uncertainty has people confused and racing to get out of the country. charlie d'agata reports crews are won step away from ending the crisis. >> reporter: a steady stream of electricity could be the next best hope for cooling down reacors at the fukushima nuclear plant. japanese officials say the power line to one of the reactors is ready. >> if the cooling systems in the reactors and fuel ponds are basically sound
cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >>> japan battles to contain radiation, but what about our nuclear reactors here in california, a look at our risk for a meltdown. >>> a gunman takes over a marin county bank. what he wanted and it wasn't money. >>> governor brown is turning to his pet core gee to help balance the state's 26 billion- dollar budget deficit. what the dog will do to raise some cash. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. >>> radiation is spewing from a nuclear power plant in japan and the prime minister is telling millions of people to stay inside, don't open any windows, don't even hang any laundry outside. >> tonight the stock markets all across asia have plunged. japan's unique adropped more than 12% in tuesday afternoon trading. the death toll from the quake has soared to 2400 people. the usgs now says last week's quake was 9.0, not 8.9, but for the moment all eyes are on a nuclear plant in northeastern japan, people who live within 20 miles of the fukushima reactor are being told to stay inside. now things out of japan are changing quickly. >> gra
. >> thanks, elizabeth. >> on to the latest from japan now. a death toll from the earthquake, the tsunami nears 7200 people tonight. japanese authorities are admitting they are unprepared. now they are preventing nuclear meltdowns. crews are working around the clock at the damage fukushima nuclear power plant. their goal is to revive the cooling pumps with the help of fire trucks spraying water on the units. in the meantime, residents woo live near the nuke lore plant found refuge 30 miles away. many barely escaped alive and had no time to take possessions. >> i wish i had taken more photo albums, she says. >> 500 people are in this shelter alone. they don't know when they'll be able to go home, if there is a home to go home to. >> many americans quickly pledge money to help the victims of the tsunami disaster, but some people are questioning whether that money is getting to the victims fast enough. what is being done to expedite the transaction? >> donating money to quake victims via text message is easy and frustrating t. can take up to 90 days for the cash to get to japan. >> i th
to prevents a nuclear meltdown. >> crews in japan say they are close to finishing a new power line that could restore cooling systems at that crippled plant. it is still dicey. charlie reports leaders worldwide say their biggest concerns is a lack of information >> reporter: buckets of water rain down. military helicopters douse the worst of the overheated reactors from above and water cannons are on their way. a group of employees work around the clock trying to cool the reactors, at the same time exposing themselves to possibly deadly doses of raidation. >> we believe levels extremely high which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measure. >> reporter: officials report some help is on the way in the form of a new power line too take over the job. officials are facing worldwide criticism. the head of the un nuclear agency complains he isn't getting the information he needs and plans to assess the situation in person thursday. the energy secretary admits he is baffled. >> conflicting reports and we don't really know in detail what's happening. >> reporter: the reports and w
will be scaled back. >>> also a sign that japan's nuclear crisis is impacting outs food. a low level of radiation has been detected in milk samples in washington state. the feds say its five thousand times below the fda risk level. in japan un inspectors are picking up radiation levels outside the current zone. those readings 25-miles the plant and are about two times higher than what normally prompts the agency to tell people to clear out. crews going against the clock to try to fix a sink hole this is flash flooding last week. mark sayer on why this will have to be a quick but lasting fix. >> reporter: the pacific coast mobile home park is in blackness tonight, the power still out and no sewer or water service, all 43 spaces have been red or yellow tagged nobody is allowed to be here over night. >> your life goes limbo for a couple weeks until you get back in. >> reporter: keith doesn't know if he will ever be able to go back. >> it's undermined by a hole and they are talking to me about moving. >> reporter: what was first thought be a new sink hole opened up but its been determined it's an e
. >>> in japan, the discovery of nuclear 6 contamination outside the plant is growing. they called the attempt to keep it inside deplorable. they are trying to pump out pools of radioactive water before they can restore electricity to the overheat reactors. they spoke with a physicist who says the u.s. can learn some lessons from the japanese crisis. >> you come to the conclusion that somebody like homer simpson is running a nuclear power station. >> reporter: it may sound funny but physicist michic subscription to prevention kaku has degrees to back up his saying. >> you see incompetence, low estimates. >> reporter: the doctor was a radio host and a author of the best selling book "physics of the future." >>ed and i think if we see a melt-down it's a melt-down of confidence. it is all coming out the fact they underestimated the importance of a tsunami. >> reporter: he says the lesson of japan is that the relationship between the government and the utility company that runs the planted is simply too cozy. >> i think there is enough blame to go around in the sens that the government took the le
inches away. thanks, roberta. >>> japan's nuclear crisis has taken a turn for the worse. there's likely a breech in the plant. they discovered the problem when two workers behind this tarp suffered severe radiation burns after stepping in water outside of the reactor. the water had radiation levels 10,000 times higher normal. >> this creates the possibility of a much larger release of radiation into the environment. >> following that discovery, the government expanded the zone to 12 to 19 miles. >>> in syria, witnesses say security forces shot and killed at least 15 people during protests against the government. the protests started in a rural town have now spread to several cities in a country where protests have not been tolerated in the past. and video shows protesters defacing a poster of the president. now in reresponse to the demonstrations, the president has made promises including large public pay raises. they do not trust he will make good on that offer. >> gadhafi ground fourses are a threat despite a week of air strikes. a tank was taken out today by a british jet as it wa
right. thank you. >>> japan now says the tsunami at its peak reached 77 feet and that's about the height of a seven story building. in the meantime a warning about the tap water, it is not safe for infants to drink. people ran out and bought nearly all of the bottle the water. the levels of raidation in tap water are twice what's considered okay for babies. >>> rebels in libya are getting more organized. the times reports opposition leaders now in regular contact with western military officials helping to identity targets for the united states led area assault, the assault that is working. >> reporter: dave five of the bombing campaign over libya and the coalition air forces have declared something like victory. >> the air force no longer exists as a fighting force, to the point that we can operate over his air space with inpunity. >> reporter: control of the skies has led to near control on the ground as gadhafi's forces have learned. as the bombing has continued the brave face of the regime is showing worry lines. instead of going on for hours as he often does gadhafi's latest pep ral
intimately and it makes you feel so sorry for the people in japan. >> how to pay for all this obviously a major concern. harbor officials working with the state to apply to get some federal help through fema. in santa cruz, i'm mark, cbs 5. >>> it looks like california voters will not be going to the polls in june for a special election. that's because the governor put a halt to budget negotiations today. governor jerry brown said he called off talks because there is no republican support for special election on taxes. the governor said every gop member he spoke with believes that voters, quote, should not have this right to vote. unless brown agrees to a list of collateral demands. state leaders are trying to close a deficit. >>> in the barry bonds perjury trial, forme a's slugger, jason told the court he got undetectable steroids from bond's former weight trainer. giombi, one of seven ballplayers to testify today. two others, including jeremy and long time out fielder, they received band drugs from anderson. he is his former weight trainer. she in jail for refusing to testify against
of their own. mark phillips, cbs news, tripoli. >>> today they are back in the japan's crippled nuclear plant trying to get it stopped. smoke forced an evacuation again today. they have discovered some cooling pumps were destroyed in the tsunami and earthquake so they are racing to bring in new pumps. it is stabilizing but it could be weeks before it is under control, they say. >>> a fremont man has saved drivers a whole lot of money and he may have just spared you from a red light ticket. as kiet do shows us it all started over a beef at the red light camera. >> reporter: a red light camera used to be the top money-maker in fremont. that is until roger jones helped to put the brakes on it. >> these things are not doing what we want them to do and there's better ways to accomplish this. >> reporter: last year jones complained to caltrans that the left-turn yellow light was too short. caltrans took a look and found no problem but, while they were out here, they noticed cars were coming off the freeway pretty fast and needed more time to stop. so according to this email in november they, instea
leagues with the giants 11 years ago, since then he has been to other organizations, been to japan but back. >>> the a's signed josh willingham to add a little pop to the mid-of the lineup. look at the people in the outfield. come on, come on. for crying out loud. everybody is around. anyway, the brew crew comes back to win 11-9. >>> offensive lineman and form you are number 2 pick, robert gallery, number 76 there. he will not return to the raiders because he wants 8 million per year. the team is offering 2.5 million, in short they are farther apart than cbs and charlie sheen. >> it's like winning. >>> okay. so the president has two warps, a middle east meltdown, a foreclosure crisis and way too many republicans in the house and he is supposed to be worried about the nfl work stoppage? no. . >> my expectation and hope is that they'll resolve it without me intervening because it turns out i've got a lot of other stuff to do. [ laughter ] >>> number 4, the 82 old food machinery corporation building was demolished to make way for the san jose earthquake's new $50 million stadium that
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)